Photo Shoot!

Chaotic Kitchenette-Chaotic Kitchenette-0035.jpg

My wonderful friend and former roommate Kir has always been an amazing photographer, lugging her giant camera around to all of our events and even taking on photography internships on top of her day job when we were living together right out of college. I knew it was something she loved to do, so I was SO excited for her when she started her own photography business, Kir2Ben! She's getting married in May and her fiance's first name is Ben and his last name is Tuben... get it?! Like, she's getting married TO Ben, and her last name will be TUBEN! Sorry, I just think that is so effing clever and I love it so much.

Anywho, as soon as Kir found out about my blog ventures, she immediately reached out and offered to come over and take photos of me and my food! Never one to turn around the wonders of Photoshop, I invited her over last weekend for brunch and a photo shoot. 3 aprons, 1 change of shoes, 4 courses, 1 damaged-beyond-repair saucepan, and a smoke detector later, we had a great batch of photos and an even better time. Kir compiled some of her favorites on her blog, and I've included some of mine below. I wish she would come over to take pictures of my food every day!