Wine Wednesday: William Hill Chardonnay 2013

Wine: William Hill Chardonnay 2013
Price: $14.99
Wine Spectator Score: 88
Where I Bought It: Giant in Cathedral Heights
Why I Bought It: There was a section in the store called "90 Point Wines Under $25". Really, it should have been "90 Point Wines That Are $25" since this was the only wine under $20.
What I Ate With It: Tim's famous Surf and Turf
Review: I would buy this one again. It was rich and buttery (at least, I think that's how you would describe that flavor). Tim was not a huge fan but thought it got better after this first glass (as most drinks do...). Wine Spectator says it "offers a complex mix of creamy, vanilla-scented oak and snappy, fresh green apple, melon and honeysuckle flavors, folding together on the finish, where this shows a pithy edge," which is basically the same thing as what I said, right?